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Asset Monitoring Services

Regularly Cross Reference Your Name With All Agencies That Could Be Hiding Assets


We monitor all agencies that hold on to funds and properties  and when unclaimed funds or other assets are generated in your name, you get notified immediately. 

Make Sure You Know About Your Assets And How And Where To Claim Them


We will reach out with an email letting you know everything about your funds. If we do not receive a reply, We'll call you and give you all the details of your unclaimed property! 

No Contracts At Any Time, Never Get Locked Into Paying For Services


Your business is valuable to us, but if you feel that you no longer need our services, simply let us know and we'll cancel your service. 


Unclaimed Assets could be hiding anywhere. Stay informed on where your assets are.  At only $11.99/mo, you can't go wrong!

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Can you find your assets yourself? Absolutely! The problem with it is that you have to scour several different sources and unclaimed funds sites, spend a lot of time researching, and then you have to do it over and over again to stay updated. Let us monitor this for you and save you frustration!

What kind of assets can be found?

Cold Hard Cash

Cash, in the form of unclaimed funds, can be generated by insurance disbursement, inheritance money, trust funds, old bank accounts and more.

Personal Property

You can recover safe deposit boxes, vehicles, and other belongings that are yours, or that you inherited. 

Real Estate

While not as common, it's totally possible that there is a house that belonged to you or that you inherited! Unclaimed property can pay off big!

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Note: Not inclusive of recovery services performed.